10/24/2017 | PRESS RELEASE



A number of false statements concerning the executives and investors of PJSC «MARFIN BANK» have recently been posted in mass media. In connection with that, our comments are as follows:
The current investors have taken a majority stake in PJSC «MARFIN BANK» pursuant to the approval granted by the National Bank of Ukraine in compliance with the statutory procedure which provides for the check on the adequacy, availability and lawfulness of the equity, as well as for confirmation of the impeccable business reputation of the investors.


Moreover, the investors purchased the shareholding in PJSC «MARFIN BANK» from CYPRUS POPULAR BANK PUBLIC CO LTD (Cyprus) currently owned by the  Government of the Republic of Cyprus. The sale deal involving shares in PJSC «MARFIN BANK» was, therefore, conducted subject to the approval and under control of the governmental authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, which acted under the guidance set out in the EU regulations as related to the inadmissibility of any contacts and transactions with persons who do not enjoy an impeccable record and adequate equity of the legitimate origin.


Having regard to the above, the whole process of PJSC «MARFIN BANK» shares acquisition was placed under a double supervision: on the part of the National Bank of Ukraine in compliance with the laws of Ukraine currently in force, and on the part of the governmental authorities of the Republic of Cyprus in compliance with the laws thereof, and the EU regulations.


PJSC «MARFIN BANK» has, therefore, a documentary proof that it had not been involved in any illegal credit operation.


The obvious absurd and false nature of the circumstances mentioned in the mass media stems from references in some publications to illegal operations with the involvement of the management and investors of the bank that had allegedly been in place over the past two years. But the current investors became the majority shareholders at the bank only in June 2017 and until that time had never been able to exercise any influence on the operation of the bank.


The Criminal Procedure Law of Ukraine stipulates that pre-trial investigation bodies must in any case initiate a pre-trial investigation procedure based on the corresponding statement of case, even if such statement is just a baseless allegation.


And any reference to the files of the criminal case which is still pending cannot be viewed as a proof considering that the said case is based on the false assumptions that are not consistent with the reality, and the bank would be able to prove it in the course of the criminal proceedings.